4th June

By Renata - июня 04, 2010

Just a 4th June,just a day of the June,just a next day after my birthday,just a day of the summer...
Flowers,cat and good music.

My cat-Musya
Photos by Renata Ibragimova.

Song of the day:
Marina and The Diamonds-Hollywood (acoustic)
I like this version more than original.
I love Marina's sweater:)

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6 коммент.

  1. Порадовал котик и настроение самого поста, такого летнего и свежего!))

  2. happy late birthday dear!
    hope it was amazing!
    lovely photos.
    PS: thank you for your email, i will reply soon! promise! ;)

  3. Саша,мы с тобой уже беседовали на эту тему-НЕТ!


Thank you for all your comments!